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Fun camps at Flatirons Equestrian Center

Horse camps are a fantastic way for youth to spend the days off from school learning and getting hands on experience with our horses.
Of course each camp day will include a riding lesson... but aside from that, the campers will be able to do so many other activities involving the equines such as feeding, daily care, health and wellness, horse behavior, training, breeds, disciplines of riding, and so much more.



They are small, but are powerful!

Yes, our minis have some special operations in our camp program. In our many years of experience with camps, we have learned that the minis can teach us all a lot in being with and handling them.

We as staff like to observe campers handling the minis early in the camp day which helps us learn a great deal about each individual camper, and aids us in effectively teaching them.
The minis' small size also make it a bit easier and safer for handling when campers are first learning how to lead, longe, or learning how to trailer horses. Starting small, perfecting the skills, and taking small steps one at a time creates a solid foundation of horse skills in these young equestriane.


What a way to Spend a Day!

We keep busy at our one day camps

We offer one day camps all year round. Whenever school is not in session for a day during the school year, and also in the summer in between our full week camp schedules, we are here to provide you with a day of fun and learning with us and the horses.

Cost is $80 for the day and a pizza party lunch is included. Camp runs from 9 to 3.

We follow our local public school schedule, so not all the days may be scheduled as one day camps.
We will customize camp days to fit your schedule, so if you have a different day off from school during the school year, or have a group to create your own camp any time of the year, please feel free to call us and we will do our best to accommodate you. Minimum of 4 participants required for a one day camp, please.

Please check our announcements on FACEBOOK for upcoming events and camps. You may also call us at 303-666-7778 to make a reservation.

Please check back again as we often add new camp dates as they fill up fast.


To register for any of our Camps

Print and fill out the Two page form found in the following link (REGISTRATION AND RELEASE FORMS).
Decide the method of payment you would like to use for the camp. We accept cash and checks made out to: Flatirons Equestrian Center
Either bring your forms and payment the morning of the camp, or you may make an appointment to meet ahead of time.


Please feel free to call us if you have any questions


We always welcome new comers! New students may borrow a riding helmet for their first lesson (or camp), but are encouraged to purchase their own helmet (and other gear) at some point.

Gear includes: ASTM / SEI approved helmet for riding, riding gloves, riding boots, and long pants, schooling tights, jods, or breeches. Other types of helmets and gear are not allowed. This is for the riders' safety.
As we like to support locally owned business, we highly recommend that you visit the following tack shop for your new gear and equipment:
Fox Creek Tack; Their store is located in Boulder, Colorado. You may also visit their web site at:
Please let them know what programs you are planning to attend with FEC and they will help you get what you need.

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